Thursday, 10.04.2014

Resumee Ungarn

Fair for Interior Design

The Construma trade show in Budapest, Hungary, is one of the most important trade shows for the furniture building industry in Central and Eastern Europe. As in years previous, the number of visitors at the show was counted at 50,000. This included visitors from different sectors, including furniture manufacturers, carpenters, designers, and construction engineers. The exhibition was spread over five halls, each divided by Theme. In Hall A – windows and doors, B – machines and accessories for the furniture industry, C – Gardening and Plants, D – Heating and Air, and G – Design. Hall G was where Sanicoop had their booth, and presented Schwinn’s diverse product range. Schwinn Handles were presented on typical presentation displays, with designs ranging from antique to modern. Sanicoop is already known in the market as a design-oriented dealer for decorative hardware and are looking to expanding that image further. Both Schwinn and Sanicoop were very pleased with the number of visitors that were able to visit the stand.