Friday, 14.03.2014

Review: Trade Show ZOW 2014 Bad Salzuflen/Germany

Schwinn welcomes vistors to the world of Schwinn.

It was the shows 20 year anniversary and Schwinn, the global decorative hardware specialist, celebrated it with many new products. It was a confident presentation centered by the company colors and Schwinn’s visual anchor, the “i” with the red square. 
The booth was divided into zones showcasing multiple themes. The elegant product presentation on white and red boards worked well as the foundation of this easy to navigate and welcoming space.
This year’s theme was “Adding members to the Family” and it was brought to life by many new handle designs in multiple lengths for a variety of applications. Designs that are shaping a new trend: Softer lines rather than the rigid ones of geometric shapes like the square. Round or oval shapes, sometimes with playful details. A new wardrobe hook is not just functional is also part of a family of products that share the same design DNA.
The decorative hardware specialist Schwinn also presented a new linear, highly functional profile (L and C channel extrusions) that can be used with or without decorative accents as fully integrated edge-to-edge pull. The existing Schwinn railing system is now also available with integrated power solutions. Occupying the space between upper and base cabinets the railing now also provides integrated LED lighting, power outlets, and extra storage space. A new modular Schwinn drawer organization system adds another building block to the family of Schwinn components that help maximize the functionality of kitchens.
With this “World of Daily Innovation Schwinn has presented itself as a competent partner of the furniture industry offering all encompassing solutions.