Wednesday, 04.12.2013

New for 2Z197

The difference is in the details. This classic segmental arch incorporates an attractive filigree facet in its shape. The finely crafted surfaces give this simple handles a distinctive light and shade. This is the successor of the well-known and often copied 2576 handle 2Z197 2576  [more]

Wednesday, 16.10.2013

New for 2Z201

To create a large handle family, a customizable profile handles have been developed to be finished according to the needs as the customer. Z201 is the latest model to join our range of profile handles. The attractive end socket connection developed for this profile piece is connected to a flat aluminium tube. This ensures a stable connection for profile lengths ranging from 96-640 mm. 2Z201  [more]

Wednesday, 18.09.2013

Trade Show 2013

Schwinn to exhibit at SICAM Pordenone/Italy 2013, Hall 4 Booth D 20 [more]

Tuesday, 17.09.2013

New for 2Z193

The latest update to the Schwinn Product family is the new model Z193 with bore distances of 288 and 320 mm, making these handles something unique and modern for kitchen fronts. The handle highlights common surfaces and shines with different tones in a stainless steel look. The model’s features allow a tone to be set without being obtrusive.  2Z193  [more]

Friday, 09.08.2013

New for 6K331/6K332

These two delicately shaped handles designed for furniture fronts are available with or without decorative accents. Uses range from modern youthful rooms, in retro style, or in classic simplicity, the design covers all worlds of flavour. A rhythmic structure is generated through expressive eye-catching colour. Here variation has no limit. Zum K331 Zum K332 [more]

Friday, 26.07.2013

New for 6K330-32/128 / 6K236

This metal ingot-inspired plastic handle family ranging from knobs to handles to hooks maintains a refined and sophisticated look. Clear proportions support the soft, light curves and clean lines, which have a restrained look with organic character. The two-piece hook 6K326 is screwed in front of the 96 mm bore distance piece. The cover then conceals the screw and creates the hook. Zum K330-32/128 Zum K326 [more]

Friday, 12.07.2013

New for 6K327/6K323

Two new options have become available for the 6K279 plastic insert; one option with a trendier facet, and the other with a lined wave structure. With bore distance of 160mm this handle is extremely adaptable and can be used in many different ways. Whether plain, or with a uniquely galvanized surface, this handle ensures one always meets the Zeitgeist. Zum K327 Zum K323 [more]

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