Friday, 06.11.2015

SICAM 2015 Review

The display of a handle free cabinet hardware system at the Schwinn booth was very well received by the attendees. The system also includes a comprehensive program of accessories and presents a practical solution for a thoughtful and seamless integration in clean lined and minimal architecture.Schwinn also presented a broad range of new finishes and colors across different materials meeting customers requests for changing tastes and trends.The [...] [more]

Thursday, 22.10.2015

Aluminum Channels

Aluminum channels from Schwinn come with an extensive range of accessories to provide the most practical solutions for a minimalist architectural design.  [more]

Thursday, 22.10.2015

Sicam 2015

Press Realease [more]

Thursday, 15.10.2015

Wardrobes & Organization

Hooks, railing, and shelf supports – a place for everything. [more]

Wednesday, 14.10.2015

Furniture feet and casters

Choices that make a difference. [more]

Thursday, 01.10.2015

Schwinn Hardware Introduces LED Lighting System for Furniture

Scottsdale, AZ, September 28, 2015 [more]

Monday, 21.09.2015

New to the Program 2Z077

Z077 BA 96 / 224 / 160 the „decorative accent“  [more]

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